Cats Can Show Love! Here’s How…

Showing love to a catIt’s easy to assume that cats are cold and don’t feel love for their owner. It’s a lie we’ve all been told, that our cats just see us as slaves and don’t really care for us. But just because cats are more reserved in showing their affections, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel it, and when your cat rubs around your legs it doesn’t mean he’s just trying to get you to do something for him!

To understand this let’s look at some of the ways cats bond:

  1. If a cat presents his behind, it’s not a rude gesture, it means she’s hoping for you to clean him. You might be wondering how this shows affection, but cats reserve this for those he feels closest to, and it probably means he sees you as his mother.

  3. If a cat pushes his head onto you, he is doing it to share his scent with you because he views you as being one of his family.

  5. Kneading is used by cats to get milk from their mothers. If a cat kneads you it means he thinks of you as being his mother.

  7. Licking is maybe the most obvious of the lot. Licking is used to groom you and to mark you with scent, which can then be used to identify family members.

There are a few more clues, like when the cat weaves around your legs, brushes up against you, sleeps in your lap or purrs in a gentle manner when you pet him. To show your affection back to your cat, you can try to mimic natural cat behaviors like gentle head bumping or imitating gentle meows back at your cat. This can help to increase the bond and the love you share with each other.

Let me know some of the ways you and your cat share love in the comment section below!