Best Wet Cat Food in the UK

Cat eats from a bowlWhen feeding our feline friends we have two options: We can either feed them dry food, or wet food. The main difference between these two types of food (as the name suggests) is that wet food contains more water, which means it is better able to keep our cats hydrated. This is one of the main advantages of buying wet food, but it may also be that your cat just prefers wet food.

Many owners make the mistake of walking into their local supermarket and picking up a household name brand’s food, but the problem is, many of these products are poor quality and not the best choice for our pets.

In this article I will list the 5 best wet foods for your cat.

What Makes A Good Wet Food?

There are a few things you should consider when deciding on what food to choose, the most important is the dietary needs of your cat. Cats are carnivores and need meat from animals to survive. This means the food you choose should be rich in animal proteins.

Then there is the choice between “complete” and “complementary” products. Simply put, complete foods contain the correct balance of nutrients a cat needs to survive, while complementary foods are incomplete, meaning a cat will need to also eat other types of food to stay healthy. But as long as ~50% of the meals you feed your cat are complete/balanced, then it’s fine to mix things up and surprise your cat with complementary foods every now and then. Cats also need taurine (a type of amino acid) in their diet, so products containing taurine are ideal.

Lastly you should keep an eye on the ca:ph (calcium to phosphorous ratio) in your cat’s diet. This should be kept between 0.9:1 and 1.5:1 for optimal health. Don’t worry though, the products on this list all contain a healthy ratio!


Nature’s Menu

Nature's MenuThe best in show! Nature’s Menu is a high quality complete food product containing naturally balanced raw materials. It is free from grains, chemicals, additives, and preservatives, with a high content of premium meat.

Whether your cat is a fish fan, a chicken fan, or a beef fan, there’s a flavor to suit all tastes. The variety pack contains a selection of each different great flavor produced by Nature’s Menu, so you can see which one your cat finds the most delicious!

Customer Review: “Socks (the cat) loves this. She cannot get enough of it. I love the multi pack because she gets to eats different flavours so she never goes off it. It’s packed with over 70% meat with none of the derivatives so you cannot go wrong.”


Lily’s Kitchen

Lily's KitchenMade in the UK by a small manufacturer, Lily’s Kitchen is a pet food brand which prides itself on providing premium quality and complete organic cat food.

On top of being organic, it is also free from grains and artificial sweetners/preservatives/colouring. Ethically produced, and made with spirulina for added health benefits, it is a great choice. Grab the variety pack if it’s your first time trying Lily’s Kitchen so your cat can sample every scrumptious flavour (chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb)!

Customer Review: “My Tonkinese girl is quite fussy but both my cats gobble up this food in all the flavours greedily and miaow madly when they see the packets. They are both very healthy, and their coats shine like silk. I love that it is organic, and unlike all the other organic foods I have seen it is grain free and therefore species appropriate to cats as obligate carnivores.”


Thrive Complete

Thrive CompleteThrive is a great product made in the UK using only real meat! That’s right, whatever meat is on the packaging is what is in the product. No “animal derivatives,” when you order chicken flavour your cat is getting pure chickeny goodness, when you order tuna and salmon, it’s pure tuna and salmony goodness!

Thrive is a complete food which is free from artificial colours, preservative and flavourings. It has no added salt or soya.

All of this means one very healthy (and very happy) cat! My cat loves the Chicken Breast flavour.

Customer Review: “Favourite, favourite, favourite – if the cats could only eat this then they’d be happy! I keep them as ‘treat meals’ which they’ve seemed to accept – the excitement each time the cupboard gets opened – “Is it that little, round tin for tea?” (I accept that I attribute the cats with super intelligence) is really quite cute!”


Catz Finefood

Catz FinefoodA German complete food product, Catz Finefood is made with care, with fully declared ingredients.

Finefood has a great nutritional profile and a huge variety of flavours, from the bog standard chicken and tuna options, to the more extravagent game and redfish. This multipack contains No. 15 Chicken & Pheasant, No. 17 Poultry & Shrimps, No. 19 Lamb & Buffalo, No. 21 Game (Venison) & Redfish, No. 23 Beef & Duck, and No. 25 Chicken & Tuna.

Customer Review: “Really nice quality cat food. Some of the flavours smell like human food, so you know it’s good quality. I’ve been tempted to eat the wild/game variety myself haha. Cat absolutely adores all the flavours I’ve tried so far.”


Animonda Carny

Animonda CarnyA great German-made budget complete food, Animonda Carny contains a very high meat content, a very balanced ca:ph ratio (1.09:1), all at a very affordable price.

If your cat loves beef then all the better, as beef is the main staple of animonda recipes. Be sure to pick up the 12 pack by clicking the “Check Price” button below, as this contains (in my cat’s opinion) the best flavours!

Customer Review: “Obviously doing this review on my kitten’s behalf, but she LOVES this food! A very fussy eater who turns her nose up at almost everything – even at fresh meat and fish, she can’t get enough of this. One of these cans lasts for 3 meals. I like the fact that it’s got such a high %age of meat, unlike the better-known brands that mostly contain only 4% meat/fish and the rest is filler.”

Money-Saving Tip

Amazon UK offers a great feature known as “Subscribe & Save.” Subscribe & Save will automatically deliver the product to you monthly meaning you never run out of cat food, and it often gives you up to 15% off as a bonus! Look for the radio button on the sidebar. Once selected, the “Add to Basket” button should change to “Subscribe Now” (or sometimes both buttons will show with no radio button).

Works great with the Nature’s Menu multipack.

Is Wet Food Better Than Dry?

While dry foods tend to be cheaper and more convenient with no need for refrigeration, wet foods have a lot of added benefits. For example, wet foods tend to contain higher levels of protein and lower levels of carbohydrates, which is ideal. But they also tend to be more palatable and easier to chew, with a longer shelf-life.

Wet food is also the better option for animals with certain illnesses. For example, for cats with missing teeth, or who are unable to smell well due to illness (as the scent of wet products is usually much stronger).

You may have heard before that dry food cleans teeth, but that’s just one of the many common myths surrounding animal nutrition. The truth is, cat’s teeth were designed to shred not to grind, and a lot of times a cat will simply swallow the food without doing much chewing. On top of this, because dry products are more likely to contain high amounts of carbohydrates, an argument could be made that they are actually worse for dental health.

And what about the added hydration?

There is some controversy surrounding the idea that cats have a “low thirst drive,” but in any case it is true that cats tend not to drink as much as dogs. Why? Some believe it is because cats evolved from desert animals, and others believe it is because they were designed to take in water from their food. If the latter is true, then it makes perfect sense to feed wet products.

Food products will usually be labelled with a moisture %, which is simply the percentage of the product that is water. In cats, it’s best to stick to products which are 67% moisture or higher. All of the products on my list contain a high moisture percentage to ensure hydration.