Best Dry Cat Food in the UK

Cat eats kibbleA cat’s diet is made up of either wet food or dry food, or sometimes a mix of the two. The only real difference between these two types of food is that wet food is full of added water while dry products are not. Wet foods can help cats by providing them with added hydration, but at the same time, they are less convenient, often pricier, and can make a mess on the floor. Dry foods also have the advantage of working as treats.

If you’d rather feed your cat wet foods, check out my other list of the best wet foods here. However, if you want to go for a dry food carry on reading, as I have listed and reviewed the 5 best choices below.

What To Look For In A Dry Food

There is one main problem with most dry food products: they contain too many carbohydrates!

This is bad, as cats are not made to take in a lot of carbs. Sure, they can use them for energy, but it is far from the ideal source of nutrition. Instead a cat should be fed a diet that is very rich in protein, with a smattering of healthy fats. Loading up a cat with too many carbs could lead to health problems such as obesity and even diabetes. It’s also a good idea to stick to foods with few (or no) grains, cereals or added sugars.

That’s why I’ve only included low-carb foods that provide ideal nutrition on my top 5 list below.



OrijenWhen it comes to dry food for cats, Orijen has no equal. Dedicating themselves to providing only the highest quality, Orijen’s cat food contains the perfect ratio of ingredients to mirror the same diet a cat would survive on in the wild.

And as well as providing a natural diet, the ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and fit for human consumption! Plus their products are full of all sorts of healthy vitamins and nutrients to boost a cat’s wellbeing.

There are 3 great flavours for you to choose from, which are all kept low in carbohydrates and free from grains and cereals. Try starting on the yellow pack which contains free-range chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs, and wild-caught fish. You and your cat won’t be disappointed!

Customer Review: “I love this food for two very important reasons: my cat loves it, and it is 100% real dehydrated food. No hydrolyzed proteins (which even the more expensive name-brand pet foods contain) and no grains (which cats do not need)… It is worth every penny it costs, too. Just try one bag and you will be amazed at the difference in your cat’s coat (and it only took a few days on this food for us to see the changes!)…”



AcanaAcana is an award-winning manufacturer of pet foods. Much like Orijen, they use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create their products.

Acana’s delicious products are brimming with protein and low-glycemic fruits and veggies, with few carbohydrates. They are also very affordable given the quality. It’s no wonder Acana is so often recommended among cat lovers and communities.

Customer Review: “Sourced responsibly, this food is of a very high quality – not tested on other animals – my cats love it and are healthier for having it as a mainstay of their diets – coats are glossy too.”



ApplawsApplaws is a highly-regarded pet food company, producing healthy, high quality products for cats.

Applaws’ dry food for cats is kept low in carbohydrates (and totally free from cereals and grains) while boasting an impressive meat content. It also has fish oils, pre-biotics and pro-biotics to help your cat’s digestive and overall health. This one is definitely worth a try, especially considering it’s excellent value for money – one 2 kg bag provides 100 meals! If you combine this with the Subscribe and Save feature you can get your paws on a real bargain.

Customer Review: “I bought this cat food as a change from my usual Orijens cat food to give my cats a change. They love it which speaks for itself. It is much cheaper than Orijens too. One day I give Orijens fish and the following day they get Applaws – so its like christmas for them every day!”



EncoreEncore is am excellent British cat food company. Many compare their products to Applaws.

Encore dry foods contains only natural ingredients with a large amount of protein and limited carbohydrates. It is free from grains and contains Omega fish oils and a prebiotic to support your cat’s digestive (and overall) health.

Customer Review: “The Subscribe and Save feature is amazing! This product is perfect for my cat with IBS. Found it in supermarkets but it’s quite specialist so keeps disappearing from shelves! So delighted I found it here!”


Thrive PremiumPlus

Thrive PremiumPlusMade in the UK, Thrive PremiumPlus is a solid offering – with a low amount of carbs, no grains/cereals, added vitamins and Omega-3/6, and a very high meat content. It is also quite cheap.

Interestingly, the yellow chicken flavour has the highest meat content of any dry cat food in the world!

Customer Review: “My cat loved this, she’s always gone nuts for the freeze dried treats so thought I’d give the kibble a go. Really high meat content, no grain, it even smells better than other kibble. My cat loves this so much I don’t know whether to use it as food or treats!”

Subscribe & Save

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature is really cool, it automatically delivers a product to you once a month (or at an interval you choose) to make sure you’re never short. This comes in handy with pet food, and what’s more, you usually get a recurring discount to go with it.

This feature is available for Encore, Applaws, and Thrive PremiumPlus. Simply hit the “Subscribe & Save” radio button near the buy button. If it is selected by default the buy button should read “Subscribe Now”.

Keeping Your Cat Hydrated On A Dry Food Diet

Even though cats are reluctant drinkers compared to most other household pets, hydration is still very important to them. Dehydration can lead to a number of health problems including:

  • FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
  • Kidney problems
  • Lethargy

It is a given that “dry” foods contain very little moisture, which means you will need to hydrate your cat in other ways. The first way to do this is to provide extra water – ideally your cat should get 1 mL of water for every kilocalorie (kcal) he has eaten. The second way is to feed both dry and wet food. Because cats don’t drink very often and get most of their hydration from food, it’s a good idea to do the latter.

If your cat refuses to drink, visit the vet!

  • Roland July 26, 2018, 5:58 am

    Thanks for the list, we’ve had our cat on Orijen for a few weeks now and they seem to like it.